What To Expect at Fox Animal Hospital in Evanston, IL

When you are searching for the right animal hospital to bring your pet to, we believe you should consider Fox Animal Hospital to be at the top of your list. We have a team of compassionate, intelligent, well-trained professionals ready to deliver to your pet the best that veterinary medicine has to offer, and deliver a superior customer care experience. Our animal hospital is modern, state of the art, clean and convenient. Call us at (847) 869-4900 to schedule your visit and we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations!

If it is your first visit to our animal hospital, we ask that you please bring any previous health records for your pet including vaccine history and any major medical issues. This is very important especially if your pet has a history of a chronic condition and also so we can coordinate vaccine reminders.

We recommend an annual health assessment visit for all pets, especially cats that sometimes are thought to not need an exam because they don’t look ill or only live indoors. For older pets or ones with chronic illness, twice a year exams may be appropriate.