If your furry companion is experiencing pain, discomfort from arthritis, or any other type of pain, Fox Animal Hospital is here to help. As an AAHA-accredited practice, we use only the most up-to-date tools and technology to care for our patients, including the relatively new modality of treatment in veterinary medicine, FDA-approved K-Laser Therapy. Pet laser therapy has been clinically proven to be effective to provide pain relief and treatment for a variety of other conditions in both pets and people.

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How Laser Therapy Works

Pet laser therapy is a drug-free, surgery-free treatment option that uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate body cells to heal, creating a therapeutic effect. Using a hand piece, this light beam safely penetrates the skin to cause increase blood flow, oxygen concentration and inhibit inflammation in damaged tissue. As result, your pet can have healthier cells, a faster healing time, and improved function and mobility.

The entire pet laser therapy session is safe, effective, and painless. In fact, most pets experience a warm, soothing feeling comparable to a massage during treatment. Most sessions are completed in less than 10 minutes. The number and frequency of treatment sessions are determined by the specific condition being treated. For example, most arthritis patients are treated initially three times during the first week, two times during the second week, one time during the third week, and once every month or so thereafter.

Pet Laser Therapy in Evanston, IL
Cat relaxing during the laser therapy treatment

Conditions Laser Therapy Treats

One of the most common conditions that we use our K-Laser unit to treat is chronic arthritis for our senior patients, but it can also be used to successfully treat the following conditions:

  • Acute pain (lameness due to strains or sprains, etc.)
  • Tissue trauma (lacerations or bite wounds)
  • Ear infections or allergies
  • Post dental procedures to reduce inflammation and pain, especially if extractions have been performed
  • Post-surgical incisions (reduces pain and speeds tissue healing)
  • Lick granulomas, "hot spots," and other skin conditions.
  • And more!

We want your pet to be comfortable and pain-free, just as much as you do, so please give us a call at (847) 869-4900 or use the online form if you are wondering how your pet can benefit from Fox Animal Hospital’s K-Laser Therapy. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have and set up an appointment.