Fear Free Services in Evanston, IL

Do you have a pet that is terrified of going to the vet? Does this make getting important treatments for them virtually impossible? At Fox Animal Hospital, we’ve been working hard to alleviate fear in our patients. How do we do it? By becoming Fear Free Certified professionals! Our team currently has 10 Fear Free Certified members--two receptionists, one assistant, four veterinarians and three technicians. We’re extremely proud of their achievements in this area of pet care, and we look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with you.

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  • Bringing pets into exam rooms right away so they don’t have to encounter other animals in the lobby
  • Using feline pheromones to help cats feel more at-ease
  • Examining pets on the floor, in their carriers or on their owners’ laps
  • Speaking in lower voices and avoiding making loud and/or abrupt noises
  • A less “hands on” approach to handling animals
  • Using treats to distract pets during treatment
  • Being able to anticipate factors that may trigger anxiety or fear
  • ...and more

If you have questions about the Fear Free program and how it benefits your pet or need to book an appointment, you are more than welcome to call us at (847) 869-4900 or use the online form. You can also visit fearfreepets.com for additional information.

Cat visiting our fear free certified animal hospital