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Spaying and Neutering

Pet Spay and Neuter

There are many ways you can keep your pet healthy and prevent diseases: vaccinations, parasite control, medications—the list goes on and on. But did you know that spaying and neutering can also prevent diseases, which can lengthen your pet’s lifespan? This is just one of the many reasons that we recommend these surgeries for our patients here at Fox Animal Hospital in Evanston. We want your pet to live a healthy life, just as much as you do. Spaying/neutering is just one of the many ways we can help make this happen.

Pet Spay and Neuter Evanston

Because we are an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, you can be confident that your pet’s safety and comfort will be a top priority during their spay or neuter procedure. All surgeries are performed in a sterile surgical suite, and we use advanced monitoring equipment and customized anesthesia protocols for each patient. Before receiving your pet, we’ll give you information about what the procedure will entail, and address any questions or concerns you have.

Why You Should Spay/Neuter Your Pet

The following are some of the benefits of having your pet spayed/neutered:

When to Spay/Neuter Your Pet

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), a pet can be spayed/neutered as young as 8 weeks of age, as long as they’re healthy. However, the exact age range recommendation varies for pets of different breeds/sizes. We typically discuss this in more detail during a puppy’s/kitten’s first wellness exam at our animal hospital. Give us a call at (847) 869-4900 to schedule your pet’s spay or neuter surgery here in Evanston, or to schedule their first wellness exam. We look forward to seeing you both!

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