Baby and a small dog look out the front door: Summer Pet Safety in Evanston

Before you open the back door to let your pet wander around outside, consider a few things: first, how warm is it? Is the sun directly overhead? Does your pet have water and a shady place to rest? There is no better time for outdoor activity than summertime, but there are several hazards you need to plan for.

Heat Protection

  • Keep your pet hydrated at all times—they should always have a fresh supply of water on hand.
  • Provide your pet with a shady spot in the yard where they can shelter from the sun.
  • Never bring your pet on car rides if you plan to leave them unattended while you run errands. A 70-degree car can become a 90-degree car in as little as 10 minutes!
  • Fill a small wading pool with cool water that your pet can relax in.
  • Walk your dog at dawn or dusk, the coolest parts of the day.
  • When in doubt, let your pet outside to do their business and bring them back into your air-conditioned home right away.
Cat lying on deck: Summer Pet Safety in Evanston
Cat swimming in a pool: Summer Pet Safety in Evanston

Water Safety

  • If you plan on letting your pet swim, get a lifejacket in their size just in case. Lots of swimming can be tiring for your pet.
  • Never leave your pet unattended in a pool, pond or lake.
  • Don’t let your pet drink from any puddles, ponds or lakes, as these usually contain a variety of bacteria and parasites that can cause harm to your pet. Make sure to bring plenty of fresh water for them to drink if you plan on visiting the beach.
  • Pets can also become infected in water if they have a cut or scrape on their skin through which bacteria can enter.

Severe Weather

  • If there are tornado warnings/watches for your area, make sure you have a secure shelter for your family and your pet. Practice ahead of time to make sure your pet will cooperate and accompany you into the shelter.
  • Have your pet microchipped. If they get lost, you will have a better chance of finding them again. Make sure the chip is registered under your name and contact information, and update your pet’s ID tags.
  • Ask us about calming medications and other options to help your pet relax during storms.
Dog hiding under the bed: Summer Pet Safety in Evanston
Dog scratching itself: Summer Pet Safety in Evanston

Parasite Prevention

  • Purchase year-round parasite control for your cat and/or dog so they can stay protected in every season. This includes protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, roundworms, hookworms and other parasites.
  • Clear away brush, wood piles and other things around your home that could be attracting ticks.
  • Remove buckets, empty flower pots and anything else around your property that may be holding standing water, which attracts mosquitoes.

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