The winters here can be awfully harsh with biting winds, heavy snowfall, and slippery ice patches. It may seem that it’s far safe for both us and our pets in the warmth of home. However, the holidays bring with them some dangers you may not realize, including festive decorations and foods of the season! Our holiday pet safety tips can help you pinpoint some dangers in your home, and then it’s up to you to keep your pet away from them!

Kittens looking at holiday decorations: Holiday Pet Safety in Evanston

Festive Decorations

Nothing is quite as festive as holiday decorations lining your halls, windows, railings, and more. Yet some of the materials and plants that are ubiquitous with this season are actually harmful to pets! Keep these holiday decorations well out of reach or use pet-friendly alternatives!

Happy dog wearing a santa hat: Holiday Pet Safety in Evanston

Holiday Foods

Many of the foods we love and enjoy are unfortunately unhealthy and even dangerous for our pets. Take note of these harmful foods, and make sure your guests know to not feed your pet any table scraps, too!

  • Fatty meats and their accompanying side dishes such as gravy are dangerous for pets even in small amounts. It can cause pancreatitis, a life-threatening condition. If you do share any meat, make sure it is unseasoned, lean, and well-cooked—and only a small amount!
  • Sweets and baked goods are often far too rich for pets with their high sugar and fat content. Some may also contain an artificial sweetener, xylitol, which is highly toxic to pets!
  • Onions, garlic, leeks, and shallots add a lot of flavor to our food, but these ingredients are poisonous to pets, so avoid sharing any foods with these pungent ingredients!
  • Alcoholic beverages may be a fun addition to your holiday party, but they should not be shared with pets. Consuming alcohol can cause your pet to become ill, weak, and even sink into a coma. Always place unattended drinks away from pet’s nosy noses!

Looking for more holiday tips and advice? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and provide even more guidance.