If you’re a proud dog or cat owner in the Evanston area, likely you’ve come to Fox Animal Hospital. We are a full-service veterinary facility, with a staff ready to solve your furry friend’s troubles. In addition, we strive to provide a compassionate and loving environment to pets and owners.

But, Fox Animal Hospital doesn’t just provide excellent veterinary services. Are you a cat family that’s taking a vacation any time soon? Fox Animal Hospital provides pet boarding in Evanston that’s for cats only. This provides them a dog-free haven for them to stay at while you’re away. They will also be in the best of hands until you return. If you haven’t tried this kind of pet boarding in Evanston yet, what are you waiting for?

Cat sleeping in its bed: Cat Boarding Evanston

Cat Boarding Amenities

When your cat comes for pet boarding in Evanston, they are in a place that’s clean, safe, and comfortable. During their stay, your feline friend will be bonding with our many custom care specialists. They will provide your cat with plenty of compassionate and loving care. You don’t have to worry about your feline friend being alone at all. Our custom care specialists will let your cat out during lunch for some exercise and conversation with their fellow felines. Will you feel homesick for your cat? Let our staff know. We’ll be able to email or text photos of your feline friend at no cost to you.

One of the major perks of boarding your cat at Fox Animal Hospital is having their health monitored constantly by our custom care specialists. If they notice your feline friend is not doing well, they will discuss with our veterinarians any concerns they have. If your cat is on a special diet or has a medicine regimen, it will continue while they are here. You never have to fear something going wrong.

Cat Boarding Requirements

All cats who come to board must have had a wellness exam within the last 12 months. They must also be properly up-to-date with their vaccinations - the rabies and distemper combo in particular. For felines boarding with us that aren’t Fox Animal Hospital patients, we ask that you show proof of the same information from their current veterinarian.

Reserve your cat’s vacation with us at (847) 869-4900.

Cat sitting down: Cat Boarding Evanston