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Fear Free Services in Evanston
Fear Free Services in Evanston Fear Free Services in Evanston

Fear Free Services

Fear Free Services in Evanston

Do you have a pet that is terrified of going to the vet? Does this make getting important treatments for them virtually impossible? At Fox Animal Hospital, we’ve been working hard to alleviate fear in our patients. How do we do it? By becoming Fear Free Certified professionals! Our team currently has 10 Fear Free Certified members--two receptionists, one assistant, four veterinarians and three technicians. We’re extremely proud of their achievements in this area of pet care, and we look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with you.

What Does it Mean to be Fear Free Certified?

To become Fear Free Certified, each individual team member must complete special courses in various areas of veterinary care to anticipate patient needs and behaviors. They also learn new handling techniques, along with ways to reduce stress in pets before they’re even brought through our doors. Some of the steps we take to create a more calming environment for pets include:

If you have questions about the Fear Free program and how it benefits your pet, you are more than welcome to call us at (847) 869-4900. You can also visit fearfreepets.com for additional information.

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