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Pet Radiology
Pet Radiology Pet Radiology

Pet Diagnostics

Pet Radiology

Fox Animal Hospital in Evanston, is equipped with diagnostic testing options that allow us to examine your pet internally, including state-of-the-art digital X-ray technology and in-office laboratory services which allows us best treat your pet when a health issue arises. Many health issues can be detected during the standard wellness exam or during a discussion about your pet’s behavioral changes. The more accurately we can diagnose a condition, the more effectively we can treat it.

Digital Radiology

We rely on digital radiology to safely examine your pet’s tissues, organs, and bones. Unlike traditional film X-rays, digital X-rays require significantly less radiation to produce the images. These images are produced much more quickly than film images, since no chemical processing is required. Because the images are produced digitally, they can be enhanced and manipulated to show detail on a computer screen, eliminating the need to re-take "films." In addition to our full scale radiology machine, we have a separate digital radiology unit for dental X-rays. If necessary, all these X-rays can be emailed quickly to radiology specialists for second opinions.

Pet Radiology

X-rays can be used to diagnose the following conditions:

On-Site Laboratory

Since there are many health conditions that can only be detected with the results of laboratory testing, we rely on on-site laboratory services, for your convenience. Fox Animal Hospital’s in-house laboratory equipment allows us to perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests, including:

The on-site availability of test results facilitates early and proper diagnosis and treatment your pet’s illness. For more specialized tests, samples are submitted to an outside veterinary-specific laboratory.

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